We are a parts agency and as such you need to be of a high calibre to join the NFD agency. The only exception to that is children and adult actors we train who we seek other more general opportunities for.

If you don't have any real substantial experience you would be much better advised going on entry level casting web sites and or approaching the many extra's agencies as we would unfortunately decline your application.

Before applying, do you meet the following requirements?

Children and Adult actors trained by us

Given we have total faith in training actors to our required standards they will be personally invited to join as soon as we feel they have reached the required standard to join the agency. Please click here for information on Film and TV Acting class's for Adults and Children

If you are 0 years to 20 years.

All applications will be considered on individual merit

If you are 20 years to 24 years.

Experience required in film television and or cinema release. Minimum of 2 professional credits in a supporting and at least one main part role (broadcast on main TV channels only - student and low budget films are not eligible). Parts to be qualified by a showreel.

If you are 25 years plus.

Experience required. Minimum of 3 professional credits (supporting and at least two major roles broadcast on main TV channels only - student and low budget films are not eligible). Equity required. Parts to be qualified by a showreel.

Please also note: Applications will not be considered if we consider you have changed your agent too many times. No photo on applications cause an automatic rejection. Due to the high amount of applications we are often sadly unable to get back to all of those who don't make it.

IF and ONLY IF you comply with the above please continue to apply

Click here FIRST! for how to apply and how to use the agency

Please Click here to Apply to Join the Agency

If you have any doubts about applying and or questions please feel free to email your questions to  info@film-tv-agency.com Please note we get a lot of emails so it may take quite some time for us to reply but we will eventually.